***Special COVID-19 note: Museums and parks may be closed or have different hours. Please check with the library to determine availability.

The Friends of Freeport Community Library generously donate several family museum and park passes each year to patrons of Freeport Community Library. All passes are good for either free or reduced admission.

It’s easy to reserve your pass. Simply pick a date and contact the library to see if the pass is available. When you stop by the library to pick up the pass make sure to bring your library card. Passes can only be issued to card holders in good standing. We are only able to issue one pass a day for each attraction so if your plans change let us know so that the pass may be used by others. Please give us a call at 865-3307 to reserve a pass or for more information.

The Desert of Maine is a weird and wonderful place that is difficult to describe. It’s a natural wonder, a historic landmark, and a beloved tourist attraction. It has something for everyone. FCL has a discounted community pass ($6/per person for up to 6 people).

The Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine is now open in its new location. Because of COVID and the popularity of the museum, they expect that demand will exceed capacity. Because of this, they want us to have patrons reserve their time at the museum FIRST before reserving our pass. As a reminder, our pass can only be used once per day, so we need to strongly encourage patrons to let us know if they no longer need it.

Please visit this link for more information: https://www.kitetails.org/plan-your-visit

The Freeport Conservation Trust has donated two Maine State Park Vehicle Passes which may be checked out like a book. Patrons may have the pass for 3 days. Due to the popularity of these passes, they cannot be reserved in advance at this time. A late fee of $1 per day will be charged if the pass is overdue. Once the pass is 7 days overdue, the full replacement fee of $110 will be charged. Please give us a call at 865-3307 for more information. Note: There are some locations where these passes cannot be used.