Freeport Community Library is ready to open starting Monday, August 3 – we’re so happy to welcome everyone back! Above all else, we want to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. In order to do that, we have measures in place that we hope will promote good health for you and for the staff. We know we can count on our wonderful community to follow them.

We will be limiting the number of people in the building to 10 patrons. In order to accommodate as many folks as possible, each person will be limited to 30 minutes per visit. We ask that parents only bring children if necessary.

When visiting the library:

  • Everyone who enters MUST wear a mask for the entire visit. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with one.
  • There are hand sanitizers at the entrance. We ask that you sanitize upon entry.
  • We ask that you continue to return all items into the outside book drop before entering the library.
  • We will be maintaining the social distancing rule of 6ft between people at all times. We have applied tape to the floor in some areas to assist in this goal.
  • There can be no gathering or “hanging out” at this time. You will notice that there is no seating available.
  • Only parts of the library will be open to browsing.
  • There will be no public computer access for now. We hope this changes in the near future.
  • The copier/fax machine is available, but keep in mind each visit is limited to 30 minutes.
  • We will continue to quarantine returned materials for 72 hours. This means that items you recently returned will still be checked out on your account until they’re out of quarantine.
  • Lastly, curbside service will continue for those who cannot wear a mask or prefer not to come in. We have set aside Fridays between 12-4pm for this purpose.
  • Please keep in mind our plans may change at any time if circumstances require it. We will continue to follow the directions of the Town Office, CDC, and the governor.

Starting Monday, August 3, we will be open the following hours:

  • Monday 12pm – 5pm
  • Tuesday 12pm – 7pm
  • Wednesday 12pm – 7pm
  • Thursday 12pm – 5pm
  • Friday CLOSED – Open for curbside 12pm – 4pm

Please note that Curbside Pickup is not for placing hold requests. Items should have received notification that your items are ready for Curbside Pickup prior to coming to the library. The two spaces immediately in front of the library by the flagpole are reserved for book drop traffic.

Curbside Pickup Instructions:

  • Curbside pickup is available Friday 12pm-4pm
  • Follow the signs for curbside and park in one of the two designated spots in front of the garden/sun porch.
  • If spots are full, wait until a spot becomes available.
  • Once you are parked in one of the two pickup spaces, call 865-3307.
  • Have your library card ready. If you can’t find it, please spell your name for us clearly and slowly.
  • Have your trunk open – staff will place your holds into your trunk.
  • Please do not exit your car until staff have delivered your items. Do not hand anything to staff.

Click to view our curbside map.