May Art Exhibit: Ara Jerahian’s Altar to the Stars

Make sure to swing by Freeport Community Library during the month of May to catch Ara Jerahian’s astrophotography exhibit, Altar to the Stars.

Living most of his teenage and adult life in light-polluted Los Angeles and San Francisco, Jerahian moved to Maine in 2015 with his family and rekindled his love of astronomy with the encouragement of his loving wife.

In 2018, Ara started taking pictures of the hidden jewels of our night sky and, on July 3, 2020, NASA selected one of his photographs as the Astronomy Photograph of the Day from tens of thousands of amateur and professional astrophotography submissions NASA receives each day. The pieces on display at FCL will be a collection of astrophotographs taken from Jerahian’s home observatory in Cape Elizabeth. They will feature objects thousands of light years away within our galaxy, as well as other galaxies themselves millions of light years away!

Jerahian is one of the Directors of the Southern Maine Astronomers and is actively involved in public outreach, fighting light pollution and preserving our dark Maine skies.

This month-long exhibit is free, open to the public, and available for viewing during regular library hours.

Freeport Community Library is an avid supporter of the arts, especially those artists from our community. Each month we feature a different artist or collective. Each exhibit is month-long.

Typically artwork goes up the first day of the month scheduled and is picked-up the last day of that month. If the library isn’t open on the 1st of the month since it falls on a Sunday or holiday, then artwork goes up the first day the library is open. And, if the library is closed the last day of the month then the artwork is picked-up earlier in the month.

We have 30 wooden easels that accommodate small to medium framed or matted paintings and photographs.

Artists may sell exhibited artwork. Each piece should be well signed with pricing and the artist’s contact information so that the prospective buyer can contact the artist directly. The library does not take payment for artwork. We should also be given the name of the person who is authorized by the artist to pick-up the artwork unless the artist and purchaser have made other, off-site arrangements for this. The library will not release artwork to someone stating they have purchased artwork unless we have been notified and authorized by the artist to do so.

A Loaned Material Acceptance form needs to be completed and left at the library when the exhibit is installed. It is best if the artist can plan on installing and taking down their exhibit. If for some reason the artist is unable to pick-up their artwork on the final day of the exhibit, the library will take down the exhibit and store artwork in the Director’s office for a short (2-3 day) period of time.

If you have any questions prior to installing your exhibit please feel free to contact Meghan Fogg at or 865-3307.