Hey all you awesome independent readers out there! Here’s your chance to win raffle prizes just for reading!

FCL’s Summer Reading and Math Program runs June 7 August 5. You may start reading for it beginning June 1.

Here’s how to participate:

  • You must an graduating 8th grader or younger reading on your own

  • Read 3 books and record the titles

  • Fill out a raffle entry for each round of 3 books your read

  • Enter as many raffle tickets as you like for as many prizes as you like, but you may only win 1 prize

  • Remember: audiobooks, e-books, magazines and graphic novels count as books!

There are two ways to fill out raffle entries:

  1. Online: click this link. It will take you to a Google Form where you will note the 3 books you read and then you’ll select your raffle prize choice.

  1. By phone – call the library at 865-3307 and speak to a library staff member.

  • Please say and spell your first and last name.
  • Say your phone number.
  • Tell us you read 3 books.
  • Tell us your raffle choice.
  • Participant or parent MUST check in for every 3 books you have read.

Click here for more information about all things SRMP and to get your calendar for upcoming cool programs!

Never filled out a Google Form before?

We are using Google Forms this year for raffle tickets. If you would like help filling one out, give us a call at 865-3307.