Welcome to wacky math and summer fun! FCL’s Summer Reading and Math Program (SRMP),

Bedtime Math, is a great way to enter our raffle to win some pretty sweet prizes.

Runs June 7 — August 5.


Bedtime Math link

Here’s how to participate:

  • Be a graduating 8th grader or younger

  • Attempt 3 math problems at

  • Remember you are attempting the problems— the answer doesn’t have to be right!

  • Mathematicians need to submit a separate raffle entry for each set of 3 problems they try

  • Enter as many raffle tickets as you like for as many prizes as you like, but you may only win 1 prize.

There are two ways to fill out raffle entries:

  1. Online: click this link. It will take you to a Google form where you will check the box to show you did 3 problems and then you’ll select your raffle prize choice.

  1. By phone: call the library at 865-3307 and speak to a library staff member.

  • Please say and spell your first and last name.
  • Say your phone number.
  • Tell us you tried 3 math problems.
  • Tell us your raffle choice.

Click here for a log to keep track of how many problems you’ve tried (PDF to download).

Need help filling out a Google Form:

We are using Google Forms this year for raffle tickets. If you would like help filling one out, give us a call at 865-3307.

Click here for more information about all things SRMP and to get your calendar for upcoming cool programs!