Welcome to wacky math and summer fun! 

Bedtime Math is a great way to earn raffle tickets to win some pretty sweet prizes in FCL’s Summer Reading and Math Program (SRMP).

Starts June 21 at 10am — Ends July 28 at 5pm.

(But you may start keeping track of your math starting June 1.)

Raffle winners will be called July 29.

Bedtime Math link

Here’s how to participate:

  • Any age child through outgoing 8th graders can participate. There are problems for all ages.
  • For every 3 math problems attempted at, earn 1 raffle ticket.
  • Remember, the answer does NOT need to be correct for it to count; you just have to try.
  • SRMP is open to grades 8 and under who are Freeport residents, students of Freeport schools, or FCL cardholders.

There are two ways to fill out raffle entries:

  1. Online: click this link. It will take you to a Google form where you will check the box to show you did 3 problems and then you’ll select your raffle prize choice.

  1. Stop by the library and as a YS staff member to help you fill out your raffle ticket online.

Click here for a log to keep track of how many problems you’ve tried (PDF to download).

Need help filling out a Google Form:

We are using Google Forms this year for raffle tickets. If you would like help filling one out, give us a call at 865-3307.

Click here for more information about all things SRMP and to download a calendar of upcoming cool programs!

Don’t forget to check out our Reading Program too; you can do both!